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Aztec Knights has long been a project that I have been continuously working on over the years. The first issue is partly inspired by the original story done back in 1992. I am currently done writing the complete story, now the hard work of completing the artwork begins!

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An archeologist searching for the lost city of Aztlan has become increasingly skeptical that the city even exists as no evidence has been found after months of searching. However, when his crew stumbles upon a lone temple, his hopes are renewed. While exploring the temple, the archeologist comes across a wall of hieroglyphs that depict Aztec Jaguar and Eagle Knights. Before the archeologist can finish interpreting the hieroglyphs, an unexpected earthquake occurs and the wall comes crumbling down. Behind the wall, the archeologist finds a hidden chamber that holds five stone sarchophagus in the shapes of Jaguars and Eagles. He opens them to find the bodies of five Aztec warriors unbelievably preserved.

Returning the bodies to civilization, the bodies are taken to a scientist who is able to regenerate and revive the bodies. The Aztec Knights awake to find they have no memory of who they are, but they are haunted by nightmares of their past. Upon further study, the scientist realizes that unexpected side effects have given the Aztec Knights unbelievable powers.

The Philanthropist responsible for funding the expedition and the scientific study realizes he could make billions off of his new warriors. He decides to sell their services to the highest bidder for covert operations. Eventually, the Aztec Knights discover the true meaning of their past and who they really are. They decide to break away from the control of their captors. However, the Philanthropist and his crew will not let that happen because they are far too valuable.


A fight for freedom ensues...


Tonatiuh (tO na TE wa)
Tonatiuh is an Eagle Knight and leader of the Aztec Knights. He is also the older brother of the Jaguar Knight, Mextli. Tonatiuh does not like to use modern weapons and prefers the bow and arrow and occasionally knives. Tonatiuh is very level headed and calm under pressure.
Codename: Eagle-Eye
Weapons: Bow and Arrows
Powers: Exceptional eyesight. Able to pinpoint targets farther than any normal human without the use of any scopes. As a result, Tonatiuh will not miss any target within the range of his bow and arrows. Tonatiuh is also excellent at hand-to-hand combat.



Toci (Toh-see)
Toci is an Eagle Knight and although she appears to be the youngest of the group, she is actually the oldest.  Toci is the wife of the Jaguar Knight, Mextli, but does not have any memory of this. She is very wise and is the most powerful of the Aztec Knights.
Codename: Tierra
Weapons: Rocks, The Earth
Powers: Toci has the ability to tap into the Earth’s energy and use it to literally toss boulders, rocks, trees or anything else of the earth at attackers or targets. However, the strain is very great on her when she uses this power, so she can only use it for short periods of time. Toci can also use this energy to heal minor wounds on herself or her teammates. Toci is also an excellent fighter and will sometimes forego using her power just for the excitement of hand-to-hand combat.


Mextli (May-sh-tlee)
Mextli is a Jaguar Knight and 2nd in command of the Aztec Knights. Mextli was the first to awaken from the process used to revive the Aztec Knights. He retains some memories of his past life, although they are very sporadic. Mextli also has the shortest temper of the group and believes he was born fully armed as a warrior and should be completely in charge of the Aztec Knights.
Codename: Warfare
Weapons: Throwing knives, stars, daggers and his spear/atlatl.
Powers: Although not invulnerable, Mextli’s body can take a great deal of punishment and wounds do not seem to phase him when he is in a complete rage. His adrenalin levels rise higher than a normal human being and could be the cause for why injuries do not phase him.


Ehecatl (Ee-wha-catl or e we KAH tl)
Ehecatl is an Eagle Knight and is the most unique looking of the group. The side effects of the process used to bring her back are most obvious with her eagle like eyes and talons on her hands. Ehecatl is a scout on missions and is very good at finding the best points of attack. Ehecatl wishes she looked normal and will sometimes wear contacts and gloves to hide her “deformaties.”
Codename: Sky-Bearer
Weapons: Powerful talons on each of her hands capable of killing a target with one swipe.
Powers: Ehecatl has the power of flight and the strength of a human sized eagle. She also has the keen eyesight of an eagle although it is not as keen as Tonatiuh’s. Ehecatl’s claws could easily tear through flesh with little or no effort.


Tepeyollotl (te pA ol LO tl) or Tepey
Tepey is a Jaguar Knight and the strongest of the male Aztec Knights. Tepey is fascinated with today’s technology and weaponry. He is continuously studying on how to use the latest weaponry.
Codename: Firepower
Weapons: All types of guns, modern weaponry, prefers to use his custom hand-made weapons.
Powers: Tepey has extraordinary strength and endurance. He could easily take down ten men single handedly. Tepey also has a photographic memory that proves quite useful in the battlefield. This has also made him very formidable with all types of weapons that he has read about.

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